Greystone Industrial Services Inc.​

5 Carlow Court, Whitby ON

L1N 9T7




If your job is not able to come to us, we provide portable welding services too. Due to being completely custom, we have serviced a wide variety of industries including material handling, construction, food industry, and all types of manufacturing companies. Being Canadian Welding Bureau Approved is not only an opportunity to meet the requirements of the standards but to document our welding procedures, verify and improve the skills of our welding personnel, improve quality and productivity, and to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Looking for a firm that can provide you with complete fabrication services? 
Look no further than Greystone. 

From manufacturing to installation to custom-designed work, fabrication has long been a cornerstone of our operations. 

Utilizing quality materials and expert workmanship, Greystone manufactures, assembles and installs a range of items including platforms, catwalks, stairways, ladders, guardrails and handrails as well as machinery bases and conveyors. 

Working closely with our clients, we also produce custom machinery built specifically to engineered drawings.